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Two years in development, Coyote Enterprises has taken the Staun dual, internal pneumatic bead lock to the next level – LEVEL II. It is stronger, uses a more durable inner tube, has an easier-to-use Air Channel and is MADE IN THE USA.

Internal pneumatic beadlocks divide a tire’s air chamber into two parts (two valve stems). This means that the beadlock’s high pressure (50 psi) securely holds both tire beads to the wheel. This, in turn, allows the tire pressure to be set to what’s necessary to handle any terrain.  Pressure as low as 2 or 3 psi is not unheard of!

Staun IIs use stronger materials. Call the bead lock Case a "mini-tire”, so it has a Tread, Sidewalls and Beads. The original Stauns used a Tread material that was 1,000 # per inch of width strong. Coyote bead locks are built with Tread webbing that is 9,000# per inch of width strong! Staun used a 20 ounce Sidewall material. Coyote uses a 40 ounce PVC weave Sidewall material. Staun used a weaker Tread overlap sewing technique. Coyote uses a stronger, double W sewing method that is used on seatbelts and other strength-demanding, failsafe applications. This increased strength means that the bead lock case will not stretch under pressure. The weaker Staun Tread grew in diameter (and circumferences) dragging the Sidewalls and Beads with it. This created a gap at the beadlock Bead that sometimes allowed the tubes to escape and rupture. And, most importantly, the strengthened Coyote bead locks provide a slightly higher, stronger, 50 psi bump stop that protects tires and wheels in demanding applications like Baja and Hammer racing.

Staun II Highlights:
  • Locks both tire beads to the wheel at 50 psi
  • Uses your existing wheels
  • Lightweight
  • No balance issues
  • No DOT issues
  • Works at Baja 1000 speeds
  • Acts as a 50 psi bump stop protecting your tires and wheels from impact damage
  • Maximizes your tires’ performance
  • Can be used for all types of terrain – rock, sand, mud, snow, pavement, trail
  • Provides "limp flat” capabilities for choosing a safer tire changing location
  • Long lasting
  • Protected from ozone and the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays
  • Can be transferred to your new (same size) wheel choice
  • For off highway use only
  • 12 month warranty
  • Made in the USA


SET OF 4 - fits 15" diameter X 7 to 10" wide wheel

Part #: COY-CEB157104
Retail: $792.41 Price: $757.96

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