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Toyota's FJ Cruiser is a retro vehicle, inspired by its iconic predecessor the FJ40. The FJ40 was a capable off road vehicle, but offered little in the way of interior features. While clearly more sophisticated than its ancestor, the current day FJ Cruiser has remained true to early 40 series interior styling with a sparse vertical dash that offers limited storage and accessory mounting locations.

The ARB FJ Cruiser Outback Roof Console provides a practical location for your CB, HAM, or VHF/UHF radio. Positioning the radio just above the rear view mirror ensures it is clearly visible from the driving position. The microphone and cable are hooked out of the way, yet are easily reached when needed. Roof consoles arrive ready for a standard DIN size radio installation (optional sized adapters / custom brackets required to install radio - radio and brackets not included)

The ARB FJ Cruiser Roof Console also increases storage options for the FJ Cruiser, through its drop down storage locker. Perfect for wallets, sunglasses, maps, mobile phones or anything else that may slide around the cabin.

The ARB FJ Cruiser Outback Roof Console features four banks of super bright LED interior lights. Control switches allow these to switch on when a vehicle door is opened, remain off or switched on independently. LED's emit a brilliant white light that is easy on the eyes and effectively illuminates the cabin.

Console Dimensions: 34" x 7" x 10"


Fits 2010-2014 FJ Cruiser (w/o Crawl Control)*

*NOTE: The roof console may be modified to fit 2007-2009 FJ Cruisers, but installation on pre-2010 vehicles may expose bracketry or material gaps due to difference in headliner contour from earlier models. 

No guarantee of fitment for 2007-2009 FJ Cruisers is provided by ARB or Dirty Parts, Inc.

Optional radio mounting inserts are also available in 3 opening sizes:

 (Inserts are not radio/brand specific and may require additional modifications)

128mm x 30mm - ARB-BRC1

126mm x 36mm - ARB-BRC2

151mm x 40mm - ARB-BRC3

Inserts are special order, and are only available with purchase of an ARB Roof Console


Retail: $355.00 Price: $337.25

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