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Plug n’ Play Clip-On Digital Vehicle Battery Tester

The Battery Saver™ Digital CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) battery tester is the most advanced in our line of testers. You can measure voltage, internal resistance and percentage of life left in the battery. Our tester offers the same features as other testers costing hundreds of dollars. This model tests automotive batteries from 100CCA to 1500 CCA, and works with battery types such as: SLA, GEL, AGM, Deep Cycle, Spiral Cell, and Dry Cell. Unlike carbon pile testers, this digital tester can test the battery while it’s still in the car or while it’s on a work bench.

Digitally reads the condition of any battery, showing its true voltage and sulfation level.

Using our supplied battery voltage residual capacity diagram, it’s easy to chart the condition of any battery. If the battery is badly sulfated they should be replaced before it unexpectedly stops working. If the charging system is not providing proper voltage to the battery then the battery will also fail to operate properly.

  • Tests battery cold cranking amps

  • Tests battery voltage

  • Tests batteries in vehicles

  • Shows battery condition and life

  • Monitors battery condition and voltage

  • Plug and play

  • LCD information screen

Part #: R2B-4342
Retail: $76.95 Price: $69.95

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